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Most Popular LCD digital watch- how to take care of lcd watch?

Time:2019-01-16 Views:345
We are no stranger to Lcd digital watches, it is one of the most common watches in our lives.
Today, mechanical watches generally emphasize the grace and taste of the wearer. Quartz watches are generally used for fashion matching.
Lcd digital watch is more used for outdoor climbing and other activities. So what is the most popular Lcd digital watch?

Introduction to Lcd digital watches
    The Lcd digital watch is a watch with electronic components inside. It can be divided into a liquid crystal display digital Lcd digital watch, a pointer quartz Lcd digital watch, an automatic quartz watch, and an optical kinetic energy watch, which can display time and display the day and date.
Among them, the digital Lcd digital watch has the most accurate timing compared to the quartz watch with mechanical watch and pointer display.

The following is a professional sports 
Lcd digital watch produced by the Vtime watch factory.

Brand: BMT Model: #860-1 Power type: Quartz, digital display.

Watch movement: Digital + imported quartz Digital display mode: pointer + electronic Case material: environmentally friendly ABS case color: black waterproof depth: 30 meters

How to maintain the Lcd digital watch
1. Avoid direct sunlight or contact with high temperature: The Lcd digital watch is accurate in timing, and the Lcd digital watch with liquid crystal display is easy to age under the conditions of sunlight exposure or long-term high temperature;
2. Try to avoid placing it in a humid environment: after the tide, it is most likely to malfunction;
3. Avoid severe vibration: Crystal glass and quartz crystals are easily damaged by severe vibration.
4. Try to stay away from radiation: Lcd digital watches are sensitive to electronic radiation because they contain many electronic components.
Avoid contact with other electronic 
products, such as computers, mobile phones, and LCD TVs.
5. Pay attention to replace the battery: After using it for a year or so, if the watch number jumps, the time is blurred or the timing function is not normal,
the new battery should be 
replaced to avoid the battery leakage and damage the electronic device. In order to save the battery, the back should be used as little as possible. Lights and alarm devices.
6. Pay attention to the cleaning surface: Whether it is an Lcd digital watch or other types of watches, you need the care of the owner, so that the Lcd digital watch will stay with you for a longer time.
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