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How To Set A Multi-functional Digital Watches

Time:2018-12-06 Views:542


While there is no set of universal instructions to set a digital wristwatch, most digital watches have enough common features that you should be able to troubleshoot. However, if your digital watch has several complex features, you should contact the manufacturer to request its instructions. Here are some universal instructions for you to Set a Digital Wristwatch.

  • Look at the face of your watch. If there is a single button on the side, look for a hole above or below the button and stick the tip of a pen into it. Do not use a pencil because the tip can break off. The display should begin to flash. Push the button until the correct time is displayed. Then push the pen in the hole again to lock in the setting.
  • If your watch has more than one button, determine which is the mode button. Most digital watches at least have two settings: time mode and stopwatch mode. You can tell you’ve hit the mode button when the image on the face switches settings. Put the watch in time mode.
  • Find the set button. It may have the word “Set” next to it and it is usually on the left side of the face. You can tell you’re pushing the right button when the seconds begin to flash. When this happens, release the button. Now you can change the numbers.
  • Find the advance button. When you press this button the numbers will go up. Some watches have two buttons: one to make them go up and one to make them go down. Often these buttons are on the right side of the face.
  • Press the set button again to switch from setting the minutes to setting the hours. Scroll through the numbers using the advance function until you get to the correct time. (If your watch has an indicator for a.m. and p.m. make sure this is correct.)
  • Push the set and advance buttons again, as needed, to change additional options, such as date and day of the week. When you are finished with the settings, push the mode button to exit setup.
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