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How to order custom watches with Vtime

Time:2019-01-09 Views:394
Introduction to the watch customization process:
1. Watch design: Customers can provide their own design drawings, or tell us the styles you want to order, target groups, etc. We provide the best-selling styles on the market for customers to choose.
2, determine the style: according to customer requirements, confirm the final design style and watch specifications (size, movement, quantity, material, color, pattern, packaging, etc.).
3, factory quotation: according to the information provided by the customer, send a quotation to the customer, including the cost of the product or mold: proofing fee, proofing cycle, delivery date of large goods, etc., until all details are confirmed.
4. Production sample: After receiving the sample fee or deposit, the sample production form is issued, the sample is scheduled, and production is carried out.
5, sample confirmation: after the sample is completed, take a picture to the customer to confirm the appearance, and then send the customer to confirm the quality. Keep up with customer feedback issues and resolve them in a timely manner.
6. Mass production: After confirming the quality of the sample, arrange the production of large goods. The purchasing team orders the bulk material, and the factory inspection is carried out by our factory. The production and processing, the parts inspection, the assembly of the table, the packaging and storage, each step is made by The QC test is qualified before proceeding to the next step.
7. QC inspection: We have experienced QC team and strict inspection procedures. We can also accept third-party testing institutions such as SGS, BV, Intertek, TUV, etc. to inspect the goods.
8. Delivery: Communicate with the customer and confirm the delivery method. Our company can be shipped to the whole country through logistics, and EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. can be done abroad.
9. After-sales: Our customer service specialists will follow up on the delivered orders on a regular basis. If you have any questions, please contact us! !

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Our factory located in Dongguan city of China, with SMETA audit, Disney FAMA, NBCU production approval.

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